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My-Folios collection of leather portfolio folders are the perfect presentation solution for business executives and students alike. Available in both A3 and A4, landscape and portrait to suit your needs, our leather folios can be effortlessly personalised with your name or logo in a variety of fonts, adding an essence of luxury and bespoke personalisation to the presentation of your work. Let your folio adapt to your growing career, by binding your pages with our ring-binder or screw-post designs, allowing for continuous page refreshal. Each portfolio is handmade in our London workshop from superior leather and finished with an eye for detail.


Leather Ringbound Presentation Portfolio Folder

Made for you, the My-Folio leather ringbound portfolio with is the perfect presentation solution for creatives and professionals looking for that personal touch.

Featuring an elasticated closure strap, a sumptuous buffalo grain leather and a four-ring stainless steel binder, all hand-made to last in our London based design studio. Available in A4 and A3 as standard - bespoke sizes available on request.

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Leather Ringbound Portfolio
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LOGO // Leather Ringbound Portfolio
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Leather Hingebound Portfolio
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Leather Screw-Post Presentation Portfolio Folder

Contemporary and sleek the My-Folio leather hinge-bound portfolio exudes sophistication.

Combining our signature grainy leather with iconic stainless steel hinges - it's no wonder it is our best seller. Available in A4 and A3 as standard - bespoke sizes available on request.

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For all the talented artists designers and photographers My-Folio have created a collection of beautiful exclusive handmade art portfolios perfect for the photographer, graphic design, architecture drawings, fashion photography and presentation of all artworks painting, sketches and business presentations.

My-Folio exquisite personalised leather portfolios represent style & quality. Each leather portfolio is handmade in our London workshop using our signature grainy leather, and stainless steel screw-posts & ringbinders.

Portfolios are a critical part of presenting your design work for businesses, artists and designers.For people in the creative industries, art portfolios are a necessity for transporting and presenting artwork, photography and other design work. For executives, leather portfolios and personalised portfolios for writing convey professionalism. For marketers and tradeshow exhibitors, personalised portfolios can be used as giveaways or prizes.

My-Folio portfolios come in a wide range of styles and sizes from A3 to A4 in landscape and portrait with bespoke sizes available on request, so you can find a portfolio product tailored to suit your requirements and style.

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